Naam:                    Chantal van den Brinkmet Beer
Burgelijke staat:     Married, mother of three daughters

Professie:               Writer, lecturer, painter, publisher


I love to create beauty in life and I do so  professionally through writing and painting. In addition I am a perpetual student of life and my aim is to grow in conscious awareness and to understand the creative principle of the universe. `in order to inspire people to connect with their soul and to take the hero's journey for a healthy and fulfilled life, I share my knowledge in my books, articles and lectures.


I have the capacity to see beyond the façade of our physical manifestation and to verbalize and depict the energetic world. Through intensive study of the different levels of our humanness (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) I have come to understand (some of) the principles of the energetic flow coming to manifestation. 


2019 - 2020

2016 - 2019

Publication Letters from my Soul English edition

Translation 'Letters from my soul' into English

2012 – now Round the Table meetings, lectures, multi-dimensional constellations
2015 Publishing Letters from my Soul 3 Dutch edition
2013 Publishing Letters from my Soul 2 Dutch edition
2012 Publishing Letters from my Soul 1 Dutch edition
2011 – now Painter
2007 – 2014 Writer of the trilogy ‘Letters from my Soul’

2007 – 2012

Private practice within Bierman van den Brink for individual coaching, through which I have helped people by means of talks, regressions, healings and constellations to find direction in their lives, to heal wounds from the past, to change defensive behaviour, to connect their personality with their soul and to live their true self’s potential.

1995 – 2007

Together with my husband Wim Bierman I ran a consultancy for personal development called Soulstation, developing consciousness in business. We offered individual coaching, team coachiing, management development programmes, outplacement and reintegration.

1988 - 1994 Various commercial positions at NCR Netherlands




















2016 - 2019

Wackers academy for figurative painting, Onderneming op Kunstgebied


The Mystical Principles of Healing, Thomas Huebl


The Path of Remembrance, shamanism, Senia Melchezidek


Systemic Ritual, Daan van Kamperhout


Luo Han Gong, Linqing


Nei Ging-Gong, Linqing


Family constellations, Coach-Inn


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, trauma therapy, Sensorimotor
Psychotherapy Institute


Symbiosis and autonomy, Prof. dr. F. Ruppert


Sound Healing, Chris James, Hawaii


Working with children, Reincarnation Therapy Association the Netherlands


Healing Arts, various courses


HBO basic medical knowledge, Sonnevelt training institute


Barbara Brennan School of Healing


Jungian psychology, St. Odrerir


Nijenrode MBA


Nijenrode BBA


A-levels, St Nicolaaslyceum