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“Your life almost seems perfect. But what happens when old patterns no longer work? Letters from my soul is a gripping story about self-discovery. Written with integrity, captivating and informative. I am looking forward to the other parts.”

- Simone Thomasse, journalist


“This is the language of the soul. Painted with compassion and a restoration of self-love. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one go.”

- Tineke Noordegraaf, regression therapist


“Written from the heart and unfolding at a good pace, vulnerable, penetrating, personal, intimate, touching and recognisable. It kept me up at night.“

- Klaas Eding, retired


“ It requires character, experience, courage and wisdom to want to get to know oneself and it shows love and altruism to share this journey with the world.”

- Jan Christiaan Huisman, consultant


" All of us have aspects in life that are more or less off and that request transformation. Many of us avoid that challenge, the price seemingly too high. This author gives us a beautiful example what can happen when we listen to ourselves and dare to let go."

- Erica Rijnsburger, life coach


" I find a grace, beauty and honesty in everything that Chantal does and am filled with admiration for all that she has achieved. One of the qualities I most appreciate in her is her willingness to be fully present and to wholeheartedly be. Her artistry, kindness and gentleness with others is like a light in life. Thank you for everything Chantal and for your bravery and honest generosity in sharing your story."

- Sinéad Quinn, healer