21 maart 2019

Not all fields welcome healing. Like any living organism, fields want to survive. And if they perceive a healing vibration as a threat to their existence, they will sabotage the healer bringing in that frequency before the healing has even started. Lashback however, also a wave of negative energy hitting a healer, is a direct result of the work we do. I first learned about it in a book called Father Earth by Olof Smit, a Dutch shaman who was trained in Surinam. In the book, he describes a session for a young woman who was gravely ill and who had probably been the victim of black magic; no doctor had been able to help her and her family was at their wits end. They send her to Olof Smit, a Dutch shaman, who had been trained to deal with curses. A curse is a force field created to sabotage a person, in this case making her ill. Olof helped this young woman heal in one session. But when she had left his apartment, his guides said: ‘you need to pay attention now, step onto the balcony.’ And he saw the sky becoming as black as ink, and this thunderstorm moving in the direction of his house. His guides urged him: ‘this is heading your way, you have to do something now. Catch it and return to sender.’ Now this is an extreme example, not all lashbacks take that severe a form. But it does illustrate that if we send light into the darkness, the darkness will send darkness into the light. And you have to be aware of it, catch it and transform it. Otherwise it can seriously affect your wellbeing. 

Now, in the beginning that I did multi-dimensional work I had never heard of lashbacks. But I would notice my some of my clients going home relieved while I’d be stuck. From one moment to the next my life suddenly changed to a lower vibration and all flow would be gone. I would miss a bus by 5 minutes, have my hands covered in paint, mixing the wrong colors, food burning, etcetera. Little did I realize that these sudden hick-ups were a direct result of the constellations I was doing. Until one day I noticed these warnings I was getting from my guides always were in the days after a multi-dimensional session. Luckily, we also receive support when doing this work. One way my guides warn me is via animals. They may send a black cat (danger) on my path or a golden cat (support), or even a cat with black and golden patches with a white tummy (everything is balanced). If something is up, a bird will hit my window and I know that something in the field is asking for my attention. At one time, a sparrow flew into my studio, it sat on my easel, tilted its head, looked at me and after a minute or two flew back out. I looked up the meaning of the sparrow in my Medicine Cards and read it is about the power of manifestation. I had been worrying about dear friends who were in a tough situation, and the sparrow reminded me we could turn the situation, which we did, but that is another story. So, spiders crawling into your room, butterflies, snakes, you just have to learn how to interpret their message. What my guides will also do is shut down my laptop, my heater or my car. One time, when I did the healing on a woman with portals in her chakra’s, my guides pulled down all four windows of my car and opened the roof while it was pouring with rain! at such moments I know something is seriously wrong and I must do something for my own wellbeing and that of my family. Another indicator of any sabotage or lash back in our fields is traffic. One time, when I went to a workshop, this big truck was blocking the intersection in my village. And the rest of the way there were these fast cars, getting too close for comfort, one or two almost driving me off the road. When I got the workshop, the host had felt the resistance too, and it turned out 10 of our guests had been abused in childhood and their fields were resisting the healing energy.

In short, multi-dimensional work asks us to be alert. If you are not ready to deal with sabotage and lash back, if a part of you is still afraid of the darkness, because part of your consciousness is still stuck in a past life, then do not do this work. First clear out your own stuff before you start doing multi-dimensional healings or constellations. Our fears, the themes in which we get triggered make us vulnerable. Likewise, if we are secure in our grounding and our alignment and if we can hold on to this inner knowing of safety, then whatever field we encounter, we will be safe. But I tell you, it is hard to maintain that alignment when you are standing in an energetic snake pit. At those moments working as a healer can be really challenging.