25 november 2018

I immediately recognize her, even though I had never met her until this moment. Long black hair, black clothes and skin as ivory. She feels fragile as a porcelain figurine and at the same time as powerful as steel. It is her eyes that touch me the most, the deep-sighted eyes of an old soul. As I listen to her, my heart breaks; she paints a history with so much suffering, so much grief, such a lack of love and the for me so recognizable struggle to remain standing, to shape life and to heal her wounds.

    She is not alone, I know by now and I am looking for the words to tell her that. In recent years, at my Around the Tables and in my private life, I met such eyes more often. It takes one to know one. At first they seemed like casual encounters, every story seemed to stand alone. Until a few months ago when I heard myself asking the question: 'How is it possible that the energetically most talented women are so badly damaged?' I realized that I was seeing a pattern: women with witches eyes who were born into dysfunctional families in this life; who have been battered, sexually abused or neglected; who suffer from a lack of ground, from borderline symptoms or post traumatic stress; who struggle to take their place in society, to function from day to day; to create healthy living conditions with sufficient income, security and love; that get stuck in regular health care where they are not understood and that run the risk of remaining frozen in the bud and never blossoming.

     Everything in our outside world is a mirror of our inner world; our living conditions are a creation of our consciousness. What these women experience is not a coincidence. Prior to this incarnation, our soul has chosen to redeem karma in this life and to contribute to the energetic ascension that is taking place on earth right now. In general, I see three elements that we, damaged women with witches eyes, have in common. First of all, in previous lives we have been in places of earthly and energetic power and in one way or another we have abused that power. We have used our energetic powers for our personal gain at the expense of others; the larger the scale on which we did that (think of the decline of Atlantis), the greater the karmic bill. Then we were born into families carrying a heavy collective burden of unsolved issues; probably because such circumstances contribute to solving our karma and often also because we have the energetic power to help heal this load for the family. Last but not least, most of us do not realize who we really are because Western society has destroyed the old knowledge during the Inquisition and the witch burnings; is still governed by logic and science and therefore does not recognize, nor can help us.

     The key to our healing is the acceptance of who we are: a multi-dimensional being in a human body. Only when we reach the unity consciousness beyond the condensed layers of human existence on earth and of the soul with its soul-baggage, do we gain access to those energy fields that can transform our current reality. In other words, we can only heal by using the energetic skills that the Western world is still afraid of, in the service of unconditional love and the highest good of all. "Pray to the universe," I said to her. "Ask the universe to manifest love in your life. Decide unconditionally to heal. You are a magician, you have energetic powers, put them in the service of love and use them to find your way. Healing goes in circles, the body is slower than the mind and it will probably take several years. But if you decide to heal and anchor in unity consciousness, the manifestation will follow