13 oktober 2019

The new Age makes it sound so easy: 'We create our own life. Be the best you. Have your best year yet. ' And how different is the reality of daily life for the many people struggling with heath issues, relational problems or financial difficulties. Does this mean that the New Age adagio is bullshit? Well, not completely, in the sense that we can tremendously impact the course of our lives. Yet, there are limits. Although all reality in our physical world originates in the quantum field holding all possibilities, not all those possibilities are accessible to us in our current moment in time and space. If I am now a 55 year old woman, I will not wake up tomorrow in this same earthly reality 10 years younger, or as a man. If I am now a drunk, living on the brink of society, I will not have lost that habit overnight. In this three dimensional reality, our current situation does put limits on our possible futures. The limits are caused by both physical laws and the energy fields that our lives are connected to. From each moment in time springs an array of possible futures, each of which has a certain probability of becoming a reality. 

So, the important question is: how can we as human beings influence our future, how can we, if we so chose, change our timeline? To do so, we need to co-create with the Universe. As far as I know, we have three tools

  1. Our state of being; when as a human being, we are in a state of love, we attract situations that resonate with that love, ranging from better health to better life circumstances.
  2. Our intention and vision of the future; when we train ourselves to focus on what it is we wish to attract, and we learn to create the right brainwaves while doing so and we learn to ask the Universe for what we need, we will increase the probability of that future state happening.
  3. Clearing out our emotional baggage from this and other lives on all levels (physical, psychological, spiritual); when we start transforming the negative experiences we hold in our system, individual and collective, it will become easier to choose love instead of fear, it will become easier to work with our intention and vision and we decrease the negative impact of these pockets of consciousness on our lives.

All three tools help us shifting our timeline, either in the short term or in the longer run. The further ahead in time the desired situation, the more likely it is that we can affect it.


An example. One morning I heard my guides voice in my head. Go to your meditation room now, you are in danger. The timing was a little inconvenient, as I was about to go to the stables, but by now I know that when my guides ask for attention, I need to listen. As you may know, I use constellation techniques to read energy, so I put down two matts, one for myself and one for whatever it was I needed to pay attention to. Before me stood an energetic being, an Ice Queen, as beautiful as she was lethal. I immediately recognized her as a collective being, connected to abused woman. The night before I had counselled a colleague who was in the midst of healing her early childhood abuse and, as is usually the case with darker fields, this Ice Queen tried to keep healers such as myself at bay. As all collective fields, she wanted to survive and if my colleague would succeed in healing, the Ice Queen would no longer be able to feed on her energy. So, I went to work and disconnected myself from this Ice Queen field. Later that morning, while riding our horse, there was an upset in our riding group and as a result I missed slamming  into a tree by a few inches. Immediately, I realized this was the situation my guides had foreseen. If I hadn't done that constellation, I would have hit the tree. By doing the work, the timeline had shifted just enough for me to be safe.


Another example. In his books, shaman Alberto Villoldo, talks about a friend who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. To help him, Villoldo, in trance, explored the different timelines, concluding that about 95% of all timelines ended in his friend dying. This friend however, had a strong desire to live, for he had a wife and young children. So, Villoldo, in trance, journeyed across the healthy timelines into the future and had a look around, what those possible futures looked like, and thus assembled the information what the friend needed to do to heal: give up a very successful job, move to the country and make a complete shift in lifestyle. The friend did everything the shaman told him and lived to tell the story, much to the amazement of his doctors who had given up on him.


Last example. For years, my dear friend Tuffie Vos struggled with financial challenges, an outward manifestation of an inner image of not being supported in life that was caused both by her experiences in this life and in other lives, so a big theme. Fed up with the situation, after many years of doing internal clearing work, she decided to start focusing on manifesting abundance. For a couple of months, she focused daily on the new reality she wished to create. And it worked, this summer she landed a substantial multi-year contract from a longtime client, If you're interested in her techniques, she teaches manifestation in her Twelve Step Program.


To me, working the timelines often feels as dancing with the Universe. For most of us it is nearly impossible to be aware of our state of being all the time, nor is it possible to foresee all probably futures heading our way. All we can do, is be alert in the moment, ask ourselves ‘what’s here now’? What’s here in me, what’s here in my life, what’s here energetically? The journey takes a lifetime.