Since my first vision in 1994, I have been exploring the connection between the energetic world and our earthly reality. In the beginning it was hesitant, caught as I was in the prevailing Western thinking that everything that is not tangible does not exist and is a product of our fantasy. But over the years, as I gained more experience, the awareness grew that the Western paradigm is too limited. As mystics have been telling for thousands of years and have been demonstrating quantum physics for a century, everything in our physical reality has been created on and through a living field of consciousness.

It is my passion to awaken people for their energetic nature and to show how we can make contact with the world of the soul. By embracing and working together with our multi-dimensional consciousness, we can shape our lives and transform living conditions such as our health, relationships and work where necessary. With my work I want to inspire people, point out possible ways and contribute to the healing of the world.