After a professional journey of 30 years as a coach, healer, and teacher, it is time to change course. My quest for healing opened up my creative flow, at the centre of which is a deep yearning for beauty. I write, I paint, I sculpt. I do both free work and commissions. Those who know me, will tell you I work from the soul; my own soul, that of my models, my clients and the planet. You can read my story in my books. As a famous Dutch song suggests: let’s colour this world a bit more beautiful.




The 'Letters from My Soul' trilogy is the story of my quest for healing for chronic fatigue and the personal development that it triggered on all levels of my being.

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A few times a year, I share current insights and experiences taken from diary fragments and channelings about the process of personal growth and the transformation that we as humanity go through.

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In my figurative paintings I seek the connection between human beings and their souls. I also experiment with abstract techniques.

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Prints and Notebooks

Some of my paintings are available as Glicee print or as notebooks, with good paper, a nice size and a high quality finish.

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Finally home

As a child I was regularly in my aunt’s artist studio. I made my first sculptures when I was 8 years old.

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