Every event in our life originates in the energetic field. More than twenty-five years ago, this insight made me a passionate student of the connection between cosmic reality and our daily lives. Driven by a deep desire to heal from chronic fatigue and an existence that didn't suit me, I turned my life upside down to study healing in the US. Since then I have explored the deepest caverns of my psyche and the highest regions of the universe. I share my experiences by writing, painting and teaching. To heal as a person and as a society, it is necessary that we remember who we are in origin and learn to move in the multidimensionality behind our Earthly existence.



The 'Letters from My Soul' trilogy is the story of my quest for healing for chronic fatigue and the personal development that it triggered on all levels of my being.

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Download here for free my articles on a holistic approach to personal development and healing.

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A few times a year, I share current insights and experiences taken from diary fragments and channelings about the process of personal growth and the transformation that we as humanity go through.

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Since 2015 I have been studying figurative painting. Currently, I am working on my first exhibition of spiritual paintings.

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Some paintings can be ordered as Glicee prints on paper or canvas.

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The diaries that I wrote over the years inspired me to have my paintings turned into notebooks, with good paper, a nice size and a high quality finish.

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For inquiries about commissions, please send me an e-mail.

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Multidimensional constellations

In the days around the full moon, I regularly offer multi-dimensional constellation workshops for experienced lightworkers where we search for healing for the questioner in the energetic dimensions.through a combination of systemic work and healing techniques.

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On invitation, I present my views on personal development and multidimensional consciousness to larger groups at professional training programs, seminars and webinars. If you would like to invite me for a lecture, you can contact me via e-mail.

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